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Keeping “DC- Inverter AC” Managed


this blog is about importance of AC maintenance and tips for maintenance.

Title:  keeping “DC- inverter AC” managed

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Emerging “DC- inverter AC”:

With changes in centuries and decades, there has been a drastic increase in global warming. With increase in the degree centigrade and degree Fahrenheit, the demand for ACs also got increased. Air conditioners, especially in hot cities like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc, have become a very important appliance. AC use an air conditioning system used to cool down the temperature in an inside space by removing the existing heat and moisture from the room. This invention not only controls the temperature, but also the humidity of a space, cooling the air by flowing it over cold coils, allowing them to control the moisture in the air. Over the years, the sales of air conditioner units increased dramatically as a result of consumer needs.

DC-inverter AC vs. Non-inverter/ split AC:

A normal split Air Conditioner works on a fixed speed compressor. This restarts many times depending on the desired temperature. The drawback of this type of AC is that it could give rise to noise, extreme cooling and short longevity of the Air Conditioner. An inverter AC runs on a variable speed compressor. This allows the machine to adjust its speed to a lower degree when it hits the optimal temperature. When the temperature of the environment increases, it starts working faster. Another variation between these two types of Air conditioners is the consumption of power. Extreme variations in speed by the split Air conditioners make them a big consumer of power and electricity, whereas when we talk about DC-inverter ACs they are energy-savers.

Ways to keep ACs maintained:

Buying a DC-inverter air conditioner will make you pay a hefty amount so you’ll want to make sure the AC lasts longer by going for AC maintenance. If you are living in UAE or any city that has extreme summers, you are very well aware the demand for cooling can make your Air conditioners over-stressed.  For general air conditioner maintenance you can opt for these ways:

·         Cleaning: Even if you are doing air condition maintenance and taking the necessary protection, your air conditioner still needs regular cleanings. The outdoor AC unit will get dirty, just from being outdoors. Cleaning the dust, dirt, leaves, and any other debris will keep your AC working optimally. When your air conditioner is clean, the chance of a mechanical breakdown is much less. 

·         Let the air flow: If you want to help your Air conditioners last as long as possible, open all of the registers in your home and make sure that the air can flow freely. Large furniture and rugs can easily compromise the airflow and force your air conditioner to struggle. While you’re at it, open all the interior doors, too, to improve airflow.

·         Frequent air-filter replacement: Air- filters are some of the most important components of any air conditioner. They are designed to remove pet dander, dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants from your home’s air supply and keeping them from entering your Air conditioners. During periods of heavy use, such as the summer months, switch the filter out every month. In other weathers try to change filters every third month.

·         Keeping consistent temperatures: installing a thermostat can be a helpful tool for saving you DC-inverter AC from getting over-stressed and assuring DC-inverter AC maintenance.

·         Let the AC rest: too much running can make you tired in the same way, constant running can make air conditioners wear-out at quicker rate. It is important to turn the air conditioner off if you plan on leaving home for any length of time. You can turn the thermostat a minimum of 5 degrees to allow the unit to stay on, but not cool the air. 

·         Good outdoors ensure good indoors:  preoccupied with indoor chores and concerns sometimes It’s easy to forget about your air conditioner outdoor unit, but to keep up with the AC maintenance you have to maintain the outdoors as well. Try keeping the dust away from units, the bushes and twigs must be properly trimmed and in different seasons different outdoor landscaping can be done. Doing this only takes a few minutes a week, but keeping your outdoor unit clean and clear ensures that nothing blocks the airflow or forces the system to overwork itself.

·         Add regular AC maintenance appointment to your list: opting for Air conditioner maintenance service at least once a year is a must to be added to your to-do list for keeping you AC system maintained and last longer. Regular Air conditioner maintenance tune-ups are essential for keeping your DC-inverter air conditioner running efficiently and identifying minor issues before they require major repairs.  These appointments ensure that it doesn’t have to work harder than necessary to keep you cool.

What will maintenance ensure?

Opting for self AC maintenance and appointment with expert air conditioner maintenance provider can entertain you with a number of benefits and perks including:

1.Durability:As going to doctor for regular check-ups saves you from getting a disease and targeting it on time, same is the regular AC maintenance thatwill extend your DC-inverter ACs lifespan and can help delay the expense of having to replace your DC-inverter Air conditioner sooner than necessary.

2.Efficiency: Regular AC maintenance will aid you in keeping your DC- inverter ACs working optimized even in extreme weather conditions and prevent the AC from having breakdowns. When the system’s been cleaned, loose parts have been tightened, stiff parts have been lubricated, and broken parts have been replaced, there’s very little chance an emergency repair will be needed.

3.Cost-efficacy: Well-maintained DC-inverter Air conditioner does not have to work as hard as unmaintained Air conditioner to reach the same temperature, so such a DC-inverter Air conditioner use less energy and keep your operating costs stable and you have to pay lesser bills comparatively.