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Rat Control

Rat always get way to enter into our homes, offices and commercial places. They have become fastest growing creature highly harmful and ugly in its structure and habits. They may bite or simply poison food items which left uncovered.

There are two types of damages which are caused by rat entrances.

·         Rats are major cause of damage to home items like polyethylene pipes, kitchen cabinets, doors, windows and floorboards etc.

·         Rats are considered as sign of creepy thing and causes fever like Weil and salmonellosis.



·         Rats can easily play their parts loosing customer faith and employees reservations more specifically in food business.

·         Rats not only at home but also in office causes loss of electrical appliances and technology items.

·         Loss of trust and company market standings.

·         More specifically in food places it produces some legal consequences.

How to Identify Rats

There can be number of causes which indicates rat’s presence in your premises including dropping, noises and feeding food items etc. It is recommended to control them at early stage rather just too waste timing in finding those solutions.

Life Cycle

Rats found their places as they are bling generally but their sense like smell, hearing, touch and taste are extremely sharp. They constantly search for place where they can find food, cloth, shelter and new objects.

Rats mostly give entry by growing, climbing, jumping etc. Their ability to squeeze through different places made them threat to household.


Rats are causing damage to food stuffs. They also cause damage to wires, doors, corners and wall materials. They grow eating all types of items like copper, lead as well as plastic and wood. They causes numerous disease to human being like murine typhus, salmonellosis, leptospirosis and rat bite fever.



Simply control of rat include sanitary control, rodent proofing, building construction and population control.


Sanitation is mandatory for clean and permanent solution of rat free places. If these precautionary measures are not maintained then there is chance of rat return to places. Good housekeeping around houses required to kill Norway rats. Neat pipe, lumber and roof are good for healthy environment. Dogs food must be kept tightly seal otherwise food place outside house has maximum chances of rat attacks. Feed pet amount required and safe you’re belonging from pests.

Building Construction and Rodent proofing

Building cracks and structural breaks must be built or rather sealed. Approximately ¼ of hole is allowed otherwise fill all pipes, wires and vents properly. Because mice and rats are excellent climbers are much difficult to find solution to their entrances. Contact pest Control if rodent or mice are at roof or outside of your premises.

Population Control

Direct population control mean reduce accuracy of items which may stimulate rat entrances. Like food, cloth and shelter are required to have direct control on rodent entry.

Traps and different rodent baits are necessary to keep your heaven free from these monsters.

Electrocution Traps

Snap traps are used to catch rats timely. Pest Control teams and managers of building have to remove dead rats frequently.

Other means to keep your house clean from rats by using RODENTICIDES and LIVE TRAPS.