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Maids Cleaning

Your Family Care

Zippco is keen to provide its customers peace of mind by rendering its high quality and reliable services. We provide the staff that best suits your needs. We are delivering a personal level of service for your family, ready to start work immediately. Zippco will see the exact requirements and lifestyle of your family and choose the best maids to overcome your stress and time-saving. Cheerful, educated, well mannered, reliable, and flexible maids are the composition of our staff. Our competent management team, vets, and access to each applicant. Guide and advise to make the right choice for your familys needs. Our maids often develop deep relationships with families by their work and etiquette. We look forward to helping you find the perfect match for your family choices.


Health & Safety

Zippco is committed to putting your health and safety first. We ensure that our fully employed team of maids are healthy, physically and psychologically, Fit to work, and expert in their profession. Our professional maid services include disinfectant sprays and sanitize-rs for our Customers Family Health and Safety. Our priority is to make your home safe and secure of all germs. We pay full attention to frequently touched areas for your protection.

Maids Health Care

Zippco is successful because of its core values containing the interests of its personnel and care for their valuables. Our hourly maid services have a unique identity that our maids are employed fully, and we always take care of as a duty. We make sure that our staff is healthy and skillful in all of our specialist cleaning processes. If any of the maids is sick, you do not need to worry, We have alternatives. We never send any staff feeling uneasy. Zippco always ensures public Health UAE guidelines, to ensure our maids work safely. They always bring everything they need to clean and sanitize your place.caring about your places starts with the care of our valuable staff. Zippco staff uses freshly laundered clothes all the time and ensures all our mops and cleaning dusters are sanitized before, during, and after clean.


Zippco is offering reasonable and perfect hourly maid services. ZIPPCO offers high-quality at considerable prices. ZIPPCO maid cleaning services in UAE start at AED 99. We charge on an hourly basis. At ZIPPCO maids cleaning service, Book our services in UAE at comparable price and time also. Get a free statement immediately and book with the best hourly maids cleaning services in UAE.

Why Choose Zippco?

  • Working at Zippco is fun, rewarding, and a great way to meet new people and make friends while making a difference in peoples lives. Working with Zippco is never a half-hearted job.
  • It is a friendly team working closely with our customers with regular communication and feedback. We have a very supportive company culture and working environment.
  • Zippco takes pride in providing our customers with the best hourly maids cleaning services 24/7. We say that Maid services are a thankless task, but our best services, giving our customers more time to spend on the things that they like and love.
  • We are making the utmost efforts to building our company, the best. We are also striving to make our community and the World a better place to live. Just as, we are committed to building a better company. Zippco guarantees you top quality work within the specified time.
  • We are the best in etiquette, manners, quality, reliability, and responsibility. We never leave our customer problems unattended even after the job has finished.