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What do we do?

 We offer clients with the best deals on over 100+ Home Improvement and Commercial Maintenance services in their city. Our thousands of client’s loves our professional team, great prices, and getting the best deals and services from us. With advanced technology, we showcase our services in Dubai, and all over the UAE, every day and keep our clients and members updated with these hot deals through our website, daily social media updates.


Exponentially Increase in New Customers

Zippco Services, the fastest way to reach hundreds of new customers through group buying opportunities and building brand awareness. Don't spend thousands of dollars on sophisticated advertising tactics that fail to attract new customers.  Zippco Services gives you the likelihood of an offer's success, the number of members who shared the offer, and the number of members who bought the offer.


What benefits you get when working with us 


Our experienced sales consultants can help you find the best deal to help you achieve your brand goals. We have sections on services such as Home Cleaning, Handyman, Electrician Services, and more.

A plumber can contact them for a specific UAE region, and an Electrician can join them to provide a contract. We set up your business online. Our production team will professionally prepare your transaction with copies highlighting your website specials on our website homepage and our Newsletters.


Benefits with us

  • We are a legally established company. We've been doing well since 2020 and we have done it with effective budgeting.
  • We are fully insured and connected. 
  • The company we represent is a family-owned business that consistently ranks among the top in its field. 
  • We've trained our employees and keep them productive. 
  • Our employees are well-paid for their work. 
  • Our most important purpose is to ensure your success today and tomorrow; Zippco Services is available at your service whenever you need it.


We answer phone calls

 Do you mind when you call the company, they don't answer, or do you need to leave a message? If this is the customer service you get before the sale or buying service, imagine how it will feel when you need after-sale help! We pick up the phone and immediately answer your calls!


Featuring your deal on our App

In addition to the website we have a Service APP which is available to our customers through the Apple Store and Google Play Store enabling a much smoother transaction process for both you and the consumer.

If you would like to be featured on our App we require some extra assurances in addition to your standard agreement with us. It is important that if you agree to feature your deal on our App that you have first had training from your account manager. Once we are happy that you have fulfilled these requirements we will then add you to our list of approved merchant list.

Whatever your business, we can help you create the perfect deal!


We take care of the specifics


We are constantly striving to improve, and while we know that we are imperfect, we care about keeping our customers happy.

Our website design is customer-friendly and easy to use. We are always available and glad to answer your questions. We make sure you get exemplary product service at the right price and deliver the service to you at the right time. Pay attention to the details.


No hidden charges


We don't hide any charges. At Zippco Services, all charges are visible; clearly, we don't hide any charges.