The Onyx Tower Sheikh Zayed Road .Dubai UAE

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1 - Why is Zippco the best choice for this service?

We firmly believe that choosing a decontamination service may be a vital task. If you catch on wrong, then regardless of what proportion risk management you are doing. Your environment will never be truly safe. At Zippco, we are a responsive service with all of the talents and knowledge that you need. Get in-tuned with us if you would like to seek out more about how our disinfection and sterilization services can assist you in making a hygienic environment.

2 - Are you still operating after COVID-19?

As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Weve been providing our disinfection and sterilization services across UAE. We can eliminate the virus, which may be living on surfaces in buildings and vehicles which can still spread to people.We have made our staff available for emergency coronavirus disinfection and sterilization near you at any time of the day. Zippco offers a quick and effective service that kills traces of the coronavirus on surfaces.

3 - How long will the work take?

The duration of work depends upon the type of work, the area to be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized. Some jobs take longer than others.

4 - Will the team arrive on time and be reliable?

Zippco is known for its punctuality and reliability. Our staff always work on time and leave as soon as the job gets done. Making sure that no harm is done to the property, and no mess has left. No stone stays unturned.