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Disinfection Service

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Zippco Services renders its services in UAE. The company is creating progress by providing additional sanitizing services in terms of quality, reliability, and satisfaction. Zippco Services is providing sanitization and cleaning services with solutions that are easy and safe to use. Our specialists certify that customers and other people around the area unit safe from dangerous chemicals. Zippco trains its employees in such a high customary that each individual is a specialist in his field. By providing coaching, Zippco officers continually stay on the rear of each project even after completion for feedback.

Safe Equipment Safer ServicesSafe Equipment Safer Services

We apply sanitizing solutions that are safe and simple to use and environment friendly. These sanitizing agents are immensely implicit in killing microorganisms, viruses, and different pathogens. However, remain safer to be used. These disinfectants and sanitizers get applied for the deceit of fogging instrumentality which, permits the disinfectant resolution to be applied quickly and effectively. It is because of fogging manufacturing a great range of little particles that will quickly cowl a surface or fill a region. It can be a better approach to covering each airspace (atmospheric fogging) and exteriors. Coverage is a very important microorganism, virus, and different pathogens, and several insects, pests, are small. Once applying a chemical to a surface, it is necessary to possess the most effective coverage doable over the full space, that the firmness is in touch with no matter is on the surface. For safe and easy sanitization and cleaning, we tend to believe that sanitizers must be safe and elementary to use. Our sanitizers and cleaning agents are very effective in killing microorganisms, viruses, and different pathogens what so ever area units safer to be used around individuals than the various dangerous chemicals contained in common disinfectants. These sanitizers and cleaning agents are applied using fogging equipment for the fast and appropriate application. 

Every type of Sanitization with affection and care

Customary spraying creates a spread of uneven particles, between one hundred and two hundred metric linear units. These particles aren’t the best approach to covering the full surface to kill pathogens or little pests. Thermal fogging produces a high-density fog containing a big range of little particles around ten metric linear units in size. Several of the particles are lighter than air, permitting use for region fogging to kill mobile pathogens or to fog on large space wherever the answer can choose laboriously to succeed in surfaces.

ULV fogging has associate degree adjustable-rate and particle size. It permits them to supply particles from a fog of around five metric linear units up to a heavier mist of fifty microns. It allows a sleek coverage which will be adjusted by betting on the chemical used and also the state of affairs.

Strategies that evolve in accordance with situations

Zippco has developed a corona virus deep cleaning strategy. Victimization steerage of Health and best practices for giant-scale disinfecting of surfaces. Our sanitization methods involve hand spraying and machine fogging. A lot of laborious and soft surfaces victimization and specialist Quaternary ammonium ion and Alcohol-based sanitizers. We tend to specialize in touch points together with instrumentality, furniture, desks, computers, doors, floors, kitchens, and bathrooms. As a general rule, surfaces can keep sterilized for many days – the service ought to be perennial monthly once the risk of health problems is high. We use sanitizers that kill germs in about 10-seconds. It is forever stable and doesn’t lose its efficiency for killing germs over time.


Zippco proudly works 24/7 for rendering you services. You can get the benefit of getting your services done professionally without paying much. Contact us now, or register with us through Zippco App. Get a free quote now. Book our professional services in UAE. We provide residential or commercial sanitization services throughout UAE. We help you to brighten the appearance of your area. You will love our results.

Why Choose Zippco ServicesWhy Choose Zippco?

 We do not use a harsh chemical in any approach form or type.

 We use chemicals and fogs that area unit lightweight in odor.

 Our sanitizing group units offer twenty-four hours area coverage daily.

 Each clean is follow up with a report, particular surfaces and areas lined, once they were cleansed and by whom by.

 Zippco is giving preventive, continual cleans for shoppers requiring the very best levels of hygiene. 


How It Works!

Zippco offers more than 30 services in UAE. Customers can choose as per their requirements and choices. Zippco has gathered the best workers of UAE to provide you with the service you deserve and a wide variety of services to choose from.

Arrival Of Our Team

We will analyze the nature of the job and will inform you of the most appropriate options. When the order is placed, our team will come to you, fully equipped.

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After the arrival of Zippco team, Its time for you to relax and let our team do the work for you.

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Contact us and book any of our services from several amenities. Our website is service packed and yet easy to use.Visit our website and choose our services in UAE, that you require. You can ask for a quote, that is free of cost. Order the service either through the website or through whats App. We are available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1 - Why is Zippco the best choice for this service?

We firmly believe that choosing a decontamination service may be a vital task. If you catch on wrong, then regardless of what proportion risk management you are doing. Your environment will never be truly safe. At Zippco, we are a responsive service with all of the talents and knowledge that you need. Get in-tuned with us if you would like to seek out more about how our disinfection and sterilization services can assist you in making a hygienic environment.

2 - Are you still operating after COVID-19?

As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Weve been providing our disinfection and sterilization services across UAE. We can eliminate the virus, which may be living on surfaces in buildings and vehicles which can still spread to people.We have made our staff available for emergency coronavirus disinfection and sterilization near you at any time of the day. Zippco offers a quick and effective service that kills traces of the coronavirus on surfaces.

3 - How long will the work take?

The duration of work depends upon the type of work, the area to be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized. Some jobs take longer than others.

4 - Will the team arrive on time and be reliable?

Zippco is known for its punctuality and reliability. Our staff always work on time and leave as soon as the job gets done. Making sure that no harm is done to the property, and no mess has left. No stone stays unturned.