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Zippco Services is general maintenance and cleaning company offering services in UAE. If you are searching for a Carpet Cleaning Company near you, then Zippco is the best Carpet cleaning company near you. Zippco Services is providing its Carpet cleaning services with the most effective advanced equipment. Zippco Services has a reputation for a strong relationship with its clients. Zippco Carpet cleansing features a slogan of beautifying your home, residences, or anyplace you wish. Your peace of mind matters heaps to Zippco. Our company is at the back of all employees, providing them rigorous coaching and confidence in their trade. Zippco Services has decided to produce an impressive carpet cleaning service at an affordable value in an exceedingly timely manner. Zippco Carpet Cleaning Services near you in the UAE. From industrial to Residential, we offer each carpet cleaning for business in UAE, likewise as residential carpet cleaning services. Zippco Services will manage any carpet cleaning task that customers will be able to come up with. We tend to certify our Carpet Cleaning Services, done right the first time.

Carpet Cleaner - zippco servicesCommercial & Home Carpet Cleaning

Businesses throughout the UAE. Carpet cleaning to steam clean or alter the carpets in your offices, stores, and places of business. Be a part of the various happy industrial customers who have had their industrial and workplace carpets cleaned by Zippco carpet cleaning services. Homeowners throughout UAE have confidence in Zippco Carpet cleaning to steam clean and alter the carpets in their homes. Be a part of the various happy customers who have had their residential and residential carpets cleaned by Zippco carpet cleaning services.

carpet cleaning disinfect - Zippco ServicesDisinfect & Sanitize

By controlling the temperature of our steam, we will clean and sanitize carpet covering, making additional healthful, cleaner, and healthier carpets. Zippco Services could be an industrious, honest, certified, and insured company. Our every personnel is a consultant of our business utilizing new technology and still maintain our certifications up thus far. For we tend to area unit continually attempt to be higher than the day before.

Our company beliefs and codes are honesty, safety for all, industrious, and that we bring quality into homes. Zippco Services is giving terrific and skilled carpet cleaning services. Our team is extremely competent and courteous to any or all our purchasers. Almost all homes and corporations need all occupants to urge their carpets professionally clean. We tend to use the most effective instrumentation in our business that could be a truck-mounted predicament extraction machine. We supply out our carpet cleaning services with the most advanced equipment and utilizing the latest technology.

carpet-cleaning-services - zippco servicesWe Bring Back Life to Your Carpets

Zippco Services is offering a full range of carpet cleaning systems using the most reliable and top-quality equipment and environment-friendly chemicals that suit your carpet needs. We pride ourselves on the fact that we leave nothing in your Carpet that does not belong there. We get rid of stains, smells, and germs that you cannot help but notice. We make sure no soapy residual, unpleasant material or extra water is left behind. Zippco Services is a collection of experts who specialize in carpet cleaning.


Zippco services of Carpet Cleaning near you are the most affordable and quality services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Zippco Services is successful due to its hard work, dedication and happy customers. We charge on an hourly basis. Our prices start from AED 99. We are providing Carpet Cleaning services with a guarantee of quality work and peace of mind. Get a free statement immediately and book with the best of carpet cleaning services near you in the UAE.


Why Choose Us?

Our carpet cleaning service uses the most recent carpet cleaning technology. Our advanced steam cleaning system creates a high-powered extraction that transforms stained and matted carpets into a clean pile surface.

Zippco Services provides the most effective Carpet Cleaning solutions that are non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and environment friendly. We are Industry-leading, commercial-grade machinery Trained, trustworthy, friendly, reliable & professional staff. We provide 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. Zippco Services and all of its staff are fully insured.

At Zippco Services, we are always willing to customize our services to suit our clients, evolving needs, and aim to deliver a pure clean every time. Our top priority is that the Carpet do not just look clean but that it is left sanitized from harmful bacteria and viruses, to protect your loved ones. We believe that a clean and healthy environment contributes to a happier, healthier, and more productive population. Invest in your future and contact the Zippco Carpet Cleaning service today.

How It Works!

Zippco offers more than 30 services in UAE. Customers can choose as per their requirements and choices. Zippco has gathered the best workers of UAE to provide you with the service you deserve and a wide variety of services to choose from.

Arrival Of Our Team

We will analyze the nature of the job and will inform you of the most appropriate options. When the order is placed, our team will come to you, fully equipped.

Sit Back & Relax

After the arrival of Zippco team, Its time for you to relax and let our team do the work for you.

Contact Us

Contact us and book any of our services from several amenities. Our website is service packed and yet easy to use.Visit our website and choose our services in UAE, that you require. You can ask for a quote, that is free of cost. Order the service either through the website or through whats App. We are available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers quickly. Get back to doing what you love.

1 - What is the most effective technique for carpet cleaning?
Hot water extraction cleaning, called carpet steam cleaning, is that the only way to clean carpets. Almost every Carpet needs this sort of Cleaning to be done. Hot water extraction cleaning will neutralize sick building syndrome and take away bacteria and dirt from your carpets.
2 - Should I vacuum before the cleaner arrives?
Yes, you ought to vacuum your carpets a minimum of once or double per week. If you got pets or kids, you ought to Vacuum additional typically. You must Vacuum your Carpets before the appointment.
3 - Will you progress furniture?
Yes, our cleaning technicians can move a lightweight piece of furniture. Our Carpet Cleaners are not going to touch any crystal, glass, or any delicate things, and can not move something, plugged in. However, if youd like us to maneuver a heavy piece of furniture around, please allow us to grasp, and that we can offer a quote with this enclosed as a further service.
4 - How long will it want to complete skilled carpet cleaning?
The amount of time it takes for carpet cleansing depends on how dirty the carpets are.
5 - How long can it want for my carpets to dry?
The carpets typically take between 6-8 hours to dry. However, dirtier carpets can take longer. Once the Carpets are incredibly dusty, the technician should build more wand strokes over the world to form it clean. With additional wand strokes, the Carpets get wetter. The wetter the carpets become, the longer it will take to dry, high traffic areas like entryways can take longer to dry.